​I am a New York State Licensed Speech Language Pathologist offering evaluations & personalized therapeutic treatment sessions tailored to meet a child’s needs, interests, and strengths.  Therapy sessions address speech, language and feeding based difficulties including but not limited to; Language disorders, Language Delays (late talkers), Articulation, Stuttering, Communication & Pragmatic (socially based) difficulties related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, non-verbal modalities such as AAC (communication device) programming & use, voice disorders as well as feeding disorders & support with “picky” eaters.

Yoga poses/breathing can be incorporated into sessions as research has shown a link between Yoga & many different speech and language difficulties/delays.

Parent & Family Training is also available.

A basic session is 30 minutes however it is not uncommon for a child to need 45 or 60 minute sessions.

Progress updates & home practice activities are provided weekly.​


Contact me for a free consultation!

Phone - (914)625-6788

Email - Daria.carpenito@yahoo.com